Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 8th

Hello Dear Blogger,

Today's entry is all about me.  What I learned is what I would do if I had the house to myself.  Dan took off for his class in Anchorage and won't be returning until Sunday.  I will head out to join him on Friday for a Valentine's Day getaway, but until then, the house is mine.  Pajama party!!!

 I am able to choose whatever TV show I want to watch, when I want to watch it.  A marathon of lady-oriented shows is currently in progress on our TV.  The View, The Ellen Show, Grey's Anatomy reruns, and Biggest Loser.

DECISION #2 - SUSTENANCE I was able to choose whatever I wanted to have for dinner.  It started off with steamed veggies and a turkey sandwich.  After that, I thought a pear would sound delish, as well as two Peppermint patties.  Well balanced right?

I am torn.  Do I stay on my side of the bed or do I wear the crown and sprawl out in the middle of the bed?  Sprawling = luxury, but also more covers to wrangle with when making the bed in the morning.  Decisions, decisions.

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