Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15th - Muddling Through the Middle of Meh

Don't call me a hater, but when is February going to be over?  I"m working my tail off trying to keep my Pollyanna outlook on life going.  February is the month of just, meh.  By now we're used to the weather of snow, melt, rain/ice, snow, plow, drifts, cold, wind, coats, hats, gloves, muffler, scarf, boots, trudge, slip, stumble, fall, spin, twist, and pout.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  WHERE'S SPRING???  Even the sunrise was only using half it's strength lately.

And my students are feeling it too.  They are in the middle of the slump with their boredom, their complacency, and general disdain for anything educational.  And there's nothing more that we can do as educators but keep our chins up and shove on...sometimes shove a student now and then.  Accidentally.  Sheesh.

But how do we keep up our chins?  Aren't adults allowed to fall into a slump as well?  Well sure we are.  Because are adults, we can do whatever we want to.  But who wants to be in the doldrums?? They're icky and depressing and downright awful.  So I pose the question again - what do we do? Anything that breaks up the "same old, same old."

This morning, I downloaded a bunch of old Disney songs on my iPad - juvenile, yes.  A quick listen and out of my "gray phase"?  Yes, ma'am.  So today when I am down in the muck, I will listen to a little bit of "Trashing the Camp" from Tarzan and "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.  Don't judge me.

It also helps me out to try and mentor my poor husband, God bless him.  I'm working my tail off at trying to stay positive, keep a silver lining going at all times, and not let the blues find a home in my heart.  I find that if I use him as my motivation, I am much more successful.  Isn't it funny how we are more willing to do for others than for ourselves.  There's my silver-lining: By helping Dan, I am helping myself.  And by helping myself, my day is bright and the end of the tunnel of "meh"tunnel.

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