Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 30th

Dear Blog Reader,

Today I have decided to research and implement a safe and healthy one-day fast.  I think that it would be a healthy thing for me to do mentally and physically.  I have found myself back in a binging/boredom rut and  want to try something new to change my behavior.  I keep repeating the same behavior over and over, expecting a new result.  It'll drive me crazy before the tightness of my jeans do!

Here are some reasons why I've decided to do this:
1.  It will help me to get mentally tough.  I need to learn some old fashioned discapline.  I've been workout out to the Biggest Loser's Boot Camp, but then come home and eat like I'm on death row.

2.  Give my system a break from all the garbage I seem to want to jam down my own throat.  STOP EATING $%*!@ PLEASE!

3.  There are many types of fasts.  Two that sound promising, as in my ability to carry them out, are the one-day (18 hour) liquid fast or the raw foods fast.  I am going to start with the liquid fast and if I cannot hold out for those 18 hours without sustenance, I will hit up some carrots and apple.

Here is a really webpage that has some testimonials of people who have fasted, far longer than I plan to and also the 1 to 2 days:  Testimonials

I'll keep you updated.

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