Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Three: Choice

Life is all about choices the choices we make.  That's what the buy in the diabetes commercial said.  But he's right, even if his body doesn't know how to regulate sugar.  We may not be able to dictate everything in our life, but we do get to choose how we respond to the situations we face.

Another bright and sunshiny morning!  Who am I kidding?  I get up so early, and the sun sleeps in so late that there is barely enough time allowed for a sunny morning up here.  But we go with it don't, we?  What else can you do but turn that frown upside down?  I choose to love the idea that my morning is longer because that's my favorite time of the day.  Choice made.

I was able to get up early and workout this morning.  I actually made the decision to stay at home and do my Biggest Loser workout instead of going out to use the elliptical at the school.  It had more to do with wanting the extra 10 minutes to relax afterwards than the workout itself.  But!  The point is that I worked out; I did levels one and two of the Biggest Loser Cardio DVD.

I think I enjoyed it more because I made the CHOICE to workout with it instead of feeling as though that was my only option.  The truth of the matter is everyday I get to make a choice about my workout.  I can choose to get my behind up and moving early and head down to the gym.  I have the choice to workout in my living room to amazingly effective DVDs.  I also have the choice to sleep in for another hour and half.  I think that option A or B are the only ones that would leave me feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.  Choice made.

I wanted to try and do something new each week.  This week I challenged myself to drink only water, tea, or coffee.  I should let you know that I don't drink pop anyways, so it's not that big of an accomplishment.  The big issue is that I like to drink either apple or orange juice - from Walmart, powdered mix.  I really wanted to try and kick that habit.  Well that's a lie.  I didn't really want to kick it, just reduce it.  I went all day without drinking any, until the last 20 minutes of my day.  I NEEDED my apple juice.  My rationalization was that I drank approximately 60 ounces of fluids LESS than if I got to drink my apple juice and it' was ok.  So maybe I need to make a different choice for my change of the week.  I'll keep you posted.

Daily Prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you for another day.  Thank you for my home that keeps me warm, my body that keeps me going, my job that fulfills me, my family that supports me, my friends that encourage me, and my husband who helps me enjoy it all.
I ask for your love and guidance today to make it the best day.  Help keep me strong and mindful to help guide the lives of the students I work with, if only to let them know that they are valued in my eyes.  Keep my heart full of love and void of judgement or darkness.
Please bless our meetings today to make them productive and build community amongst the members.  Keeps us safe on our journeys to and from school.  Keep my friends and family safe today, and send your angels to protect them.
I ask a special request for all my friends on SparkPeople who are traveling along the journey of improved health.  Help us all to make the best decisions to make us our best.

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