Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Two: Back to the Basics

And good day to you!  So today has started out very nicely.  Last night, we were given the good news that because of the continuation of a blizzard warning, we would have a delayed start to the school day.  SLEEP IN!

I typically, on a good-weather day, will drive into town and workout at the school, utilizing their fabulous elliptical machine and free weights.  The other thing that makes me love working out at this time of day is that nobody else is there, and I'm allowed to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and say whatever I want.  I have a hard time not talking to myself in order to keep my attention span going.  When the other teachers are working out, I find it hard to concentrate on the book that I'm reading on my iPad.  I also do my daily prayer, out loud, in the morning while on the elliptical.  So as you can see, I've got myself quite the personalized nook going on down there.

Well when then weather doesn't allow me to get out there before they plow, I must dust off my old Biggest Loser DVDs and get my body moving in ways that I usually don't.  Last week I worked out to the Biggest Loser Cardio workout and couldn't walk without a constant reminder that I didn't stretch enough.  Well I just finished that same workout today and then some.  I hope that spending a little more time working the ol' hamstrings and stretching them out that I'll have less pain this week.  I keep forgetting that I'm not 20 anymore.  Sheesh.

I have decided to set weekly goals for myself.  I will establish my workout schedule this week for both good and poor weather, and then add one new challenge for the week.  So here we go:

Monday: Biggest Loser Cardio: 1, 2, and Cool Down
Tuesday: Biggest Loser Cardio: 1, 2, and Cool Down/Elliptical 30 mins
Wednesday Biggest Loser Sculpt: 1, 2, and Cool Down/Elliptical 30 mins
Thursday Biggest Loser Cardio: 1, 2, and Cool Down/Elliptical 30 mins
Friday Biggest Loser Cardio: 1, 2, and Cool Down/Elliptical 30 mins
Saturday Biggest Loser Sculpt: 1,2, and Cool Down Elliptical 30 mins
Sunday Elliptical Biggest Loser Cardio: 1, 2, and Cool Down 30 mins

My goal this week is to drink only pure water, green tea, or coffee.  WISH ME LUCK!

Daily Prayer:

Dear God,

I thank you for today and the blessings that you have already given to us.  Thank you for a warm home to wait out the hazardous weather.  I thank you for this body that I am putting through the workout ringer; I ask so much of it every day.  Please help me to think of it as the gift you have given me to carry out your work.  I am thankful for a restful weekend.  You have given me so many gifts; I ask that you help me to utilize them fully.
Today I ask you to please guide me so that I keep love in my heart, I am slow to judge because you never know what someone has gone through.    Please keep us safe as we go through our daily tasks and extend your love to all our friends and family.


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