Sunday, March 27, 2011

10:17pm on Sunday Night - Anchorage Airport

Why not chronicle all the stepping stones of travel, the hotspots of my journey home if you will?  Let me outline it for you first:

  • 4:30PM (AK time zone) PenAir flight to Anchorage
    • Arrival in Anchorage approximately 8:30PM
  • 6:10 AM (AK time zone) Alaska Air flight to Seattle, WA
    • Arrival in Seattle approximately 10:30 AM
  • 1:15 PM (Pacific time zone) Delta flight to Detroit, MI 
    • Final destination time: 8:28 PM (Eastern time zone)
That's the plan.  As I've grown to know and expect, the best laid plans....I don't know how that quote ends.  But what I'm trying to say is that everything can be planned out really really well (see my previous blog) and there can be something that goes wrong that bumps the whole process offline.  

So as of 10:17 PM, I have made the most tricky of the legs of my trip.  I am in the proper terminal and exact gate for my flight...that'll take off in 8 hours.  Like I said, I like to be prepared.

I ate dinner here at the airport, called my husband to check in, and have set myself up on an adequately comfortable bench with my laptop downloading the 5th season of "30 Rock."

I'll check in later, much to either your enjoyment or boredom.

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